Young Enterpreneur

by : Fransiskus Saverius Herdiman

“A nation will develop if it has enterpreneur minimum 2 percent of total population”.  The statement was revealed by Ir. Ciputra in the night presentation of reward Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 at Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, (28/11/07). At that time, Ciputra gave example Singapore with approximately 7.2 percent enterpreneurs, and the United States of America has 2.14 percent entrepreneurs. What about Indonesia?

Of more than 220 million populations, Indonesia only has approximately 400.000 independent business players, or about 0, 18 percent enterpreneurs of its total population Of course this is very concerned. In fact, according to founder of the University of Ciputra Entrepeneurship Center (UCEC), Indonesia is very potential. Indonesia has very abundant natural wealth and ready to be cultivated. Indonesia listed in the 10th ranking producer of copper, gold, natural gas, nickel, rubber, and coal. And, there are still many comparative advantageous that we have. Therefore, if it has sufficient stock and potential enterpreneur, Indonesia can become quality international player.

The winner of Ernst and Young Enterpreneur of 2006, Bambang Ismawan, said that Young Enterpreneur in Indonesia starts to rise. This can be found from rising of interest of young enterpreneur. Comparing with total population, total young enterpreneur we have very less.

“More university graduates want to become employee, whereas idea to create self work field is still vey small,” he revealed.

Low interest and growth of young enterpreneur, Bambang said, especially due to less support from family. More Parents hope their daughter or son as civil servant or private employee. Because such work type considered as lower risk job compared to become enterpreneur. “Parents hope their children earned salary every month rather than waiting long time,” Bambang said.

This parent’s hope also supported by sluggish of domestic enterpreneurship. This sector considered high risk and lack of promising to give reasonable life. Therefore, parents who worked as farmers willing to spend much money to bring their children to the school in order not become farmer. Bambang gives example; many graduates from Agriculture Institute of Bogor (IPB) worked as journalist rather than become farmer.

Beside influence of their Family, Bambang said, youth’s low interest in entering enterpreneurship, also caused by educational orientation and system which not support. Otherwise, education as a mean to kill enterpreneurship spirit. Remembering method, for instance, not drive the kids being creative and innovative, which is required in enterpreneurhsip world? Therefore, Bambang urged the government to improve education especially at university level.

Ciputra also revealed his recommendation in order that the university to make improvement further to make paradigm change. He said, Indonesia’s enterpreneur low number caused by its education system which only focused on creation of workforce rather than potential enterpreneurs.

“Every year, educational institution produced jobless, because they are supported to become business players,” he said.

According to Ciputra, every year Universities in Indonesia result approximately more than 750 jobless graduates. In addition, he said future challenge of the Universities in Indonesian is producing young enterpreneur.

To deal with such challenge Ciputra built schools focused on developing the student’s enterpreneurship spirit such as Ciputra School, Citra Kasih School, Citra Berkat School, Global Jaya School, Pembangunan Jaya School. Lastly, he established the University of Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center (UCEC). The program which is prepared by UCEC such as preparing enterpreneurship development module for the national curriculum, developing enerpreneurship curriculum at the University of Ciputra, and conducting a – three months- training to the society.

Other than Support from the family and University, the youth enterpreneur growth also requires business world role and business world institution. Bambang gives example role of enterpreneur joined with the Association of Young Indonesian Enterpreneur (Hipmi). This organization should not only support appearance of rich enterpreneur and engaged in a line of business which requires high capital participation, but also must required to support appearance of small and micro scale enterpreneur (UMKM).

Bambang said UMKM sector is very potential. 95 percent (43 million) Of all business legal entities run business in micro business sector. This data, Bambang said, shows that Indonesia is very potential to create micro and small scale enterpreneur.

For that purpose, enterpreneurship mental must be developed and supported continuously, such as creative, innovative, and brave to deal with whatever risk. The family should become the first environment to grow up student’s enterpreneurship mental. Besides, it is time to change the University becomes entrepreneur university. Private and government required to give their support in creating conducive climate for appearance of young enterpreneurship. If such climate is formed, potential young enterpreneur will grow up well continuously like mushroom during rainy season.