Working Area

To reach its vision and to carry out its missions Bina Swadaya diverts its activities into seven categories as follows:

1. Community Empowerment:
In the form of regional development activities, Public Health, Sanitation, Environment, Farming, and Labor by way of: research, training, consultation, and facilitation. (Educational and Training Center, Center of Studies, Consultancy and Branch Office)

2. Micro Finance Development:
Micro Finance Services is carried out through Banking Financial Institution and Non-Banking institution; reaching the poor and the marginalized. (Bina Arta Swadaya, Rural Banks, Micro Finance Institution)

3. Agribusiness Development:
By way of product marketing activities and farm production facilities, developing farm shop toward franchise system (Trubus Mitra Swadaya).

4. Development Communication:
Supply information to different field of development area through publishing magazine, book, radio and TV program, VCD. (Trubus Swadaya, Penebar Swadaya, Puspa Swara, Trubus Media Swadaya and Niaga Swadaya).

5. Alternative Tourism Development:
Organize Tour Program orientated to education, environment, culture and development (Bina Swadaya Tours).

6. Printing Service:
Managing printing industry to support development communication activities and increase institutional income. (Penebar Swadaya Printing House)

 7. Provide facilities for meeting, training, workshop and seminar. (Wisma Hijau – Kampus Diklat Bina Swadaya)