Pertamina Journalistics Award

Artikel “Kebun Penghasil Bensin” dapat di download di sini ! 

From 524 articles of journalism in the category of oil, gas, and geothermal, the article entitled “The Garden of Gasoline”  published in Trubus Magazine, November edition, 2007,  written by Sardi Duryatmo, Trubus journalist, based reportase team, successfully awarded Best of the Best,  Pertamina Journalistics Award in 2008. The same article also carry the award for best print feature. Sardi’s is one of seven journalists who awarded from Pertamina Journalistics Award . Referral awards conducted in Jakarta on Thursday, 26 February 2009.

In the assessment of jury, the article meet the criteria of accuracy, analytical, eksploratif, has a level of difficulty and the public, systematic, aesthetic, independence, timeliness, and solutif.

What would be submitted through these articles? Sardi Duryatmo  said, “We can not continue to rely on oil supplies from fossil fuels that can not be updated. ” Go turned to biofuel. ”

In these articles, Sardi and his team written about bioetanol cassava based raw materials. Bioetanol benefit of this is felt by the motorcycle taxis in Nyangkowek, District Cicurug, Sukabumi. They use bioetanol mixture as fuel for motor vehicles with a composition of one liter of premium given the mixture of 0.1 liters bioetanol. Although the price rather than more expensive than premium (1 liter bioetanol price Rp. 10,000), the motorcycle taxis, such as written Sardi, they still buy it because of better engine performance and fuel consumption more sparingly. (*) Artikel “Kebun Penghasil Bensin” dapat di download di sini !