Sang Pemula Award for Bambang Ismawan

Good news was received in early December 2008. Chairman of trustee board of Bina Swadaya Foundation was given Sang Pemula Award from NewsEum, a non profit organization which was inspired by public figure Tirto Adhi Soerjo, one of Indonesian press figure.

Pramoedya Ananta Toer wrote Sang Pemula, a novel which tells about movement of RM. Tirto Adhi Soerjo, a press figure as founder of Medan Prijaji in  Surakarta (Solo), Central java. This is newspaper that become pioneer of founding of Indonesian Press. Tirto Adhi Soerjo also one of figure who supported founding Budi Utomo together with friends from STOVIA (School tot Opleiding van Indische Artsen/Hindian Doctor Education School), and also became one of promoter founding Islamic Trade Association (Sarekat Dagang Islam ) and Islamic Association (Sarekat Islam.)

“December 7, is birth date of RM. Tirto Adhi Soerjo which then by NewsEum foundation together with writers and journalists outside formal organization commemorated as the press day,” revealed Taufik Rahzen, Coordinator of organizer of Sang Pemula Award at Cafe DOMUS Jln. Veteran Jakarta, (7/12).

Sang Pemula Award is appreciation given to the country’s press figure which is stated in Tanah Air Bahasa Book: Seratus Jejak Pers Indonesia (writer: Taufik Rahzen, I: Boekoe and The Blora Institute, Jakarta, 2007), “work with full soul to articulate and give contribution to Indonesian Language and the fatherland to build image what for and in what position nationalism built from generation to generation.” Bambang Ismawan Name is included one of the country’s press figure which is stated in such book. The founder and general director of Trubus Magazine becomes one of Sang Pemula Award recipient due to his commitment in developing agriculture magazine and society empowerment for more than four decades.

It is not easy effort to develop the first and the biggest agricultural magazine in Indonesia. As a business institution, Trubus Magazine experienced losses for the first 14 years. Entering the 15th years TRUBUS showed its power and became one of agricultural trendsetter magazine in crisis era 1997 up to 1998. This hard working bring

Bambang Ismawan as Sang Pemula (Pioneer) to develop press to support society empowerment. This award constituting acknowledgement the Society Empowerment Press Works which up till now is quiet from publication. Society empowerment movement boosting efforts always not more interesting than political and macro economic issues. Such matter is controversy with the Indonesian Economic Condition where 95% Indonesia’s Economy sector supported  by micro business sector. In addition, there are potential agrarian and maritime in Indonesia not yet much cultivated. And this sometime becomes elegy, it often such potency enjoyed by another country.

Award given by the NewsEum Foundation constitutes an acknowledgement and also appreciation to the works to reverberate Society Empowerment Movement through the press. Another hope is unveiled, will this appreciation become new move and attention to the press to give more attention toward society empowerment, development of agrarian and maritime sectors in Indonesia.

The society as a nation’s component is getting tiredsome feeded by negative news concerning corruption, political intric and also criminal news that always being dramatized. The society should encourage their living hope  and even the big dream as a national,  a big nation in agrarian and maritime sectors, and powerful micro business sector. At least, through this appreciation will become a new hope for Indonesian nation affected by global finance crisis. (gm/ad)