Mukun Valley, East Nusa Tenggara. That morning, at a tribal house yard in Golomeni Village, Kotakomba Subdistrict, East Manggarai, a buffalo was tied tightly around the root crevices of weeping fig of which trunk circumference is three times adult embrace. Later on after the head of tribal finished praying, the buffalo will be slaughtered. For the people who live in the mountains at 1070 m asl elevation, a buffalo becomes a symbol of majesty and power. The lives of the buffalo is sacrificed as an apology to the ancestors who had shown their anger through several hill avalanches. This ritual is called Kaba Doal.

Trubus reporter, Sardi Duryatmo, had the opportunity to witness the whole ritual when he was assigned to explore Flores Island. Throughout the journey, he did not only gather information, but also became field counselor. In Ekoleta Village, Detusoko Subdistrict, Ende Regency, as an example, the people bombarded him with questions about the most suitable paddy cultivation techniques for the village. SRI, the system of rice intensification, was introduced to them so that the production of rice which had been only 3 tons/ha is expected to soar up to 9 tons/ha.

Dear readers, the people who live near Tigawarna Lake are indeed hungry for applied technology. Pesticides are extraordinary rare and expensive there, so the pest and disease proliferate freely. Whereas, in that remote area mimba Azadirachta indica and babadotan Ageratum conyzoides-both can be used as environmental friendly Pesticides-are scattered widely and neglectfully. Mimba-a member of family Meliaceae-matter of fact, has been empirically proven to be efficacious in lowering blood sugar levels, overcoming fever and skin diseases.

Information on plants benefit for everyday life has not been distributed evenly. That is what encouraged us to publish an infokit book entitled The Efficacious Indonesian Herbal, Scientific Evidence and How to Blend. This 492 full color page book presents a variety of medicinal herbs, the active compound content, scientific evidence of a competent research institution, the healing mechanism of a disease and how to blend the ingredients. There is also a special chapter which examines tips on making healthy as well as enjoyable traditional drink of ancestral heritage. Are you interested? Please contact TRUBUS .



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