To achieve its vision and carry out its mission Bina Swadaya opens opportunities for partnership in its activities which are summarized into seven areas of activity as follows:

Community Empowerment:

Activities of Regional Development, Public Health, Sanitation, Environment, Agriculture, and Employment through assessment, training, consultancy and mentoring (Bina Swadaya Consultant)

Development of Microfinance

Microfinance services are conducted through banking and non-banking institutions, as well as national cooperative services to serve the poor and marginalized. (Bank Perkreditan Rakyat, Branch Office of Microfinance Services, Cooperative Bina Swadaya Nusantara,).

Agribusiness Development

Through the marketing of agricultural products and means of production, by developing “Trubus Shop” for the people of Indonesia (Trubus Mitra and Trubus Agri Sarana).

Communication development:

Provide information in various fields of development through, publishing agricultural magazines, agricultural books, medical books, housing books, skill books, and so on. (Trubus Swadaya, Penebar Swadaya, Trubus Agri Sarana, Puspa Swara, Niaga Swadaya and Trubus Cipta Swadaya).

Alternative Tourism Development:

Organizing a development-oriented tourism program, including agriculture, ecology, culture and industry. (Cultural Education Development Exposure Program – Bina Swadaya Consultant).

Development of Printing Services

Manage the printing industry to support development communication activities and increase revenue through partnerships. (Graphic Sarana Kata)

Development of Training Facilities, Workshops and Seminars

Provision of Facilities for meetings, training, workshops and seminars. (Wisma Hijau – Bina Sarana Swadaya)