In serving the people free themselves from poverty, Bina Swadaya residents believe that :

  1. Serving others is a noble call;
  2. Society is able to help itself;
  3. The best results can be achieved through sincere cooperation in order to grow and develop together;
  4. Social entrepreneurship is an effective vehicle in generating community empowerment;
  5. The ethical intentions done ethically, earnestly and consistently must have produced good results.


Become a recognized institution of pioneering and excellence in improving community empowerment through social entrepreneurship


  1. Generating and improving the empowerment of the poor and marginalized in socio-economic aspects through facilitation: capacity building, community institutional development and access to resources
  2. Influencing development policies to be more pro-poor and marginalized
  3. Develop innovations whose benefits are felt primarily by the poor and marginalized
  4. Develop partnerships with various parties to improve the capacity of services to the community
  5. Maintain self-reliance and institutional sustainability..


Dignity, Independent, Prosperous and Forward Together


Bina Swadaya citizens uphold values: :

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Independence in Togetherness
  • Concern
  • Non Discrimination